How I wore yoga pants to Court: Yoga pants dress pants are the #BestEver

When I first saw Betabrand‘s “yoga pants dress pants” through a sponsored Facebook post, I brushed them off like I do most Facebook ads.  After years of seeing Facebook ads where the clothes look cheaply made and paid subscriptions are required, I have developed a negative bias toward Facebook adverts.

But I eventually clicked. Maybe it was because yoga pants are, indeed, the most comfortable pants – ever – and, if I could wear them yet look professional, I’d be in heaven.  And to think that society has progressed enough to make such a thing possible, I’m all for it.

We’ve come a long way, baby

Scratchy pantyhose

It wasn’t long ago when pantyhose were considered de rigeuer for professional dress. A throwback from society’s lingering misogyny, perhaps, they were designed to make women look attractive to men but not made for comfort.  In the Florida heat, they are absolute torture.  Years ago I relegated my pantyhose to back-of-the-drawer status, and more recently, to File 13.  I no longer need them. In 2008, law professor/blogger Lisa R. Pruitt recalled a sense of liberation when first working in an atmosphere devoid of pantyhose. Same thing with tights, which blogger Sarah Bran called “basically giant acrylic-mix condoms for legs; unsexy, good for one time use only, and prone to holes.”

People should be comfortable while they work. Yes, of course we should look professional. But professionalism does not imply we must wear polyester-lined, dry-clean-only slacks that swish swish when walking and stick itchingly to your flesh in the summer heat.  Why not wear clothes made for comfort?

Dress pants yoga pants: my new work uniform

Partial screenshot from betabrand.comEnter dress pants yoga pants. Betabrand has designed them with fake pockets, fake zippers, and real belt loops.  They look just like dress pants, but they’re yoga pants in disguise.  They come in various colors/patterns, some of which are still in the crowd-funding stage but available for preorder. (Partial screenshot courtesy Betabrand.)

I first was skeptical of the $78 price tag but found a coupon and bought a pair in black, and determined they’re worth it.  They are so amazingly comfortable.  Soft material, and they look like real pants!  Perfect with a simple top, and if I need to go to court, I can throw on a blazer or jacket. Great for work, weekend, whenever.

Moreover, people have no idea I’m wearing yoga pants.  The few times I revealed in conversation that I was wearing yoga pants dress pants, I received puzzled and surprised reactions, then positive questions, like, “Really!” “Where did you get them??”

Not only are they crazy comfortable, but I can actually use them — and have used them — to do yoga, which I sometimes do in the office at lunchtime or in the evening with my yoga studio app.  No clothes change necessary!

I also bought pairs in navy and charcoal gray, both of which I also love, and have pre-ordered the black pinstripe, glen-plaid, and hazel colors, all of which I’m eagerly awaiting.  They come in bootleg, straight leg, or capri, but I prefer the bootleg.  I have basically made yoga pants dress pants my new work uniform.  And I have begun sacking my old, uncomfortable pants for Goodwill.

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