Bracelet hair tie in teal from Fixed on Drama

Add flair with bracelet hair ties

Last year sometime I discovered simple bracelet hair ties in Target and excitedly bought some. I began wearing them on my wrist and to tie back my hair when needed. Finally a way to make my wrist-worn hair bands somewhat fashionable.

The problem, however, was that they didn’t really look like proper bracelets. They just looked like fancy hair ties. One evening, when sitting in a board meeting, I looked down at my wrist and thought, That is one $#!% looking bracelet. No, I wasn’t fooling anyone.

There had to be a more fashionable option.  I searched the web and found a lot of ones that, like what I had found at Target, still looked like hair ties.  I also few pricey options, but who wants to pay mega bucks for a hair tie? Yeah, I know, it’s a bracelet, but it’s still a hair tie!

So I kept searching. At last, I found a gorgeous, reasonably priced option at Lindsay Fromm’s “FixedOnDrama” Etsy shop. I bought ones in black, navy, and teal, and I’m thinking of getting others.  For only $4 each, these are a great buy! I have since seen other shops, like Knotty, that sell similar items, but FixedOnDrama seems to have the best value.

FixedOnDrama’s hair ties work great and look stylish. They are sewn in a way to hide or avoid a big knot. For anyone who likes to be able to pull back her hair from time to time, they’re a great solution.

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